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How do I print a report? | My Art Collection - Art Collection / Art Management Software - Support - FAQ

How do I print a report?

Answer: Select the "Report" Button located to the upper right of the "Art List " or "Art Detail" layouts.
Once in the "Report" layout choose a report to run by selecting it's "Run Report" button. Choose the option for the report that best fits your needs.
A message will appear. " To print, choose the "Print" option from the "File' menu above...."
Choose "OK"
The report will appear.
To edit your page set up go to the "File" menu located at the top left of your screen and choose "Page Setup" from the drop down. From there choose from the options your printer allows you. If not already the default, choose 8.5X11 for the page size and set the orientation to vertical.
Then choose from the same "File" menu and select the "Print" option

.NOTE: If you are printing a list of multiple items but only one is printing, you will need to look for an option while in the "Print" dialog that allows you to choose from either "Records Being Browsed" or "Current Record". Choose "Records Being Browsed".