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How do I upgrade from My Art Collection 1.0 to My Art Collection 2.0?

By the upgrade Here

  1. Launch My Art Collection 1.0
  2. Hit the Show All Button to make sure that all records are shown.
  3. Go to File/ Save a Copy As and save a copy of the MyArt.MA1 file to your desktop.

Importing to Version 2.0

  1. Install My Art Collection 2.0  
  2. Launch My Art Collection
  3. Go to File/Import from My Art Collection 1.0
  4. When prompted locate the file MyArt.MA1 on your desktop.
  5. Choose a new file name (MyArt_Converted.MA2) and location for the converted file. (We recommend your desktop as it will be easy to find.)
  6. Your file will be converted and you will be asked to restart the program to complete the process.  
  7. Launch My Art Collection 2.0
  8. When prompted locate the converted file on your computer.
  9. The data will be imported.