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My Art Collection 2.0
The Easy Art Collection Software
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My Art Collection Software - Art Detail

What does it do?

What does it do?
My Art Collection is an easy to use art collection software designed to manage and organize ones art collection in a fast and simple way. It is specifically designed for the needs of the art collector and artist.

With My Art Collection software you will be able to quickly and easily...

  • Document your artwork for insurance and organization.
  • Store records of all of your artwork, including: art details, artist info, reviews, notes, sales history, appraisal and authentication.
  • Assign pictures for easy visual reference.
  • Find, sort and view your artwork in multiple ways for any purpose.
  • Manage to whom you sold or loaned an item.
  • Recall donated items for tax reporting purposes.
  • Print insurance reports, inventory summary reports, portfolios, art details, artist details, labels and more!
  • Import and export to Excel or other database applications.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?
My Art Collection was designed for collectors and artists who were tired of expensive and hard to use art collection/management software. The goal is to build a product that would easily satisfy both collectors and artists with their specific needs, be user friendly and fit into any budget.

My Art Collection is right for Collectors if...

  • Your collection is of value, or
  • You have a large number of items in your collection, or
  • You insure your collection, or
  • You loan out your collection for display, or
  • You are currently disorganized

My Art Collection is right for Artists if...

  • You work is of value, or
  • You sell your work, or
  • You insure your work, or
  • You loan out your work for display, or
  • You are currently disorganized

What's New?

What's new?
New Features in My Art Collection 2.0:
Unlimited File Size (1.0 was 2GB)
New Look and Feel
Faster Performance
Resizable Interface
Customizable Tool Bar
Customizable Art List
Pop up View of Images
Windows 7 Compatible
Mac OSX Snow Leopard Certified
Improved Back Up
Quick Search
Improved Reporting
New Art List Report
Discover Artist Portal
Multiple Window Support
Image Emailing
Documents Archive (Advanced/Professional)
Open Multiple Databases At The Same Time (Professional)
Multiple User Support (Professional)
Password Protection of Data Files (Professional)
Why should I manage My Art Collection?
If you're a collector, your artwork is an asset. Any asset of value requires tracking, insurance and documentation. Artwork is unique in that the value of it is enhanced by it's historical record or provenance. Documentation is the key to the provenance process. Learn more about documenting your collection.

If you're an artist, your art work is your product. Any product of value requires tracking, insurance and documentation. Good documentation and organizational skills will help with productivity for your business. In the event of loss, documentation is key to proper reimbursement.
Tech Specs

Current Versions:
My Art Collection 2.0v3
My Art Collection 2.0v3 Advanced
My Art Collection 2.0v3 Professional

Supported Platforms: We support Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) and Macintosh with OSX 10.5.7 and up.

Click Here See detailed list of Technical Specifications
News: All new versions of My Art Collection now available.

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"I've used My Art Collection 1.0 for six or seven years. It's been a great tool. The only reason to get rid of 1.0 was so I could install 2.0. It's fabulous. Thank you for exceeding expectations."

Steve Hines