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Search Like A Pro in My Art Collection 3.0-Tip #2

Now that you have your collection organized, you are going to want to find what you want when you want it.  Performing searches in My Art Collection is probably the most used feature of all and luckily for you it is also easy as well as powerful. 

Here are three of the most common ways to search like a pro:

1. Quick Find

Sometimes you just need a quick and dirty search. Not too complicated, and to the point. If that is your desire then the Quick Search is the first arrow in your search quiver. So if you need a one word search and you don't know the exact field you want to find it in this is a great start as it will search all fields at once and give you back results.

Pros:  It is easy.  Great for general searches to try and locate an item.

Cons: Could take a while if you have a lot of records. It casts a big net and looks at every field at once. So if you are looking for a keyword that is generic and that could be found in any field, you could end up with a list of records that is more then you need. 

2. Individual Field Find

If you want something specific and you know how to get it then the field search is for you. Accessed by putting your curser in the any searchable field of choice and then right clicking (Windows) or Control + Clicking (Mac.)  The field search is a powerful and easy way to Find Matching/ Constraining items or for Extending the found set. 

Pros: Fast, easy and very accurate. Great for searching for a specific group of records for a report.

Cons: You have to know what field you want to search in. 

3. Custom Find

If you want something REALLY specific like all Acrylic Paintings from Ted Ellis created in 2014 then the Custom Find is for you. It is the most powerful way to find a specific item in your collection. You can be very specific about what you want to search for.  

It is accessed by View/Find Mode or clicking the Find Button.

Once in Find Mode you can create a new find with one search request like the field find with multiple fields at once... 

Pros: Extremely powerful and very detailed. Great for searching for a specific record or group of records with multiple criteria.  Endless ways to customize the search.

Cons: You have to know what field or fields you want to search in. 

You can even save common finds for making your reoccurring searches quick in the future.  


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