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Transferring Your Data in My Art Collection 3.0-Tip #3

One of the most commonly asked questions we get in support is from customers who bought a new computer or want to share their collection with an other My Art Collection user and need to transfer their collection.  With My Art Collection you can easily import data from a collection file. Here is how that is done. 

On the computer that has the most recent collection.

1. Open My Art Collection 3.0
2. Go to File/Save a Copy as and save a copy of the MyArt.fmp12 data file to your hard drive or flash drive.

3. Move the file to the computer you wish it share the collection with. 
4. Launch My Art Collection 3.0 on the other computer.
5. Go To File/Import form My Art Collection 2.0/3.0

6.Click 3.0

7. Click replace Records if you'd like to replace the existing collection or add records if you'd like to add records to your collection.

Your data will be imported. 

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