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Peruvian Artist-Jose De La Barra


Artist Jean Francoise Bottller

Jazz 80X80 2013

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Artist Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent 

A Remarkable Artist

Artist Steve McQueen

Artist Steve McQueen

Returns to Art

Steve McQueen, Ashes, 2014
Super 8 film transferred to HD video
Courtesy Thomas Dane Gallery, Marian Goodman Gallery
Copyright Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen’s decision to withdraw from the $100,000 Hugo Boss Prize prompted rumors that the artist-cum-director recently acclaimed for his Oscar-winning feature film Twelve Years A Slave might have put art on the back burner. Not a bit.
McQueen’s new installation Ashes will be unveiled at Espace Louis Vuitton in Tokyo on Saturday. The piece will then travel to Thomas Dane Gallery in London, where it will form the core of a solo presentation of new works by the artist. The show will open on October 14 to coincide with Frieze Art Fair.
Ashes was shot on Super 8 in the West Indies, where McQueen’s parents were born. The piece is said to be related to several of the artist’s earlier works, including Bear(1993), Girls, Tricky (2001) and Carib’s Leap / Western Deep (2002).

WaterColor Artist

Jean-Paul Neglot-Tolgen

Happy Easter

Food Art

Art Exhibit-Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago's Early Work

Read here:

Before making her widely known and iconic feminist work of the 1970s, 1980s, and beyond, Judy Chicagoexplored painting, sculpture, and environmental performance, often using innovative industrial techniques and materials, including auto body painting and pyrotechnics.
Chicago in L.A. surveys this less-familiar but significant early work, produced when Chicago lived in Los Angeles and was a participant in the Finish Fetish school, which responded to the rapid industrialization of the West Coast with its own brightly colored, high-gloss form of minimalism. The exhibition places the early work within the arc of Chicago’s broader production and continues the reappraisal of the artist’s importance as a pioneer in the California art scene. Chicago in L.A. also re-examines The Dinner Party as a work that emerged from decades of artistic experimentation, not only with materials, but with feminist community building.
This survey includes approximately sixty paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, and videos, including documentation of performances, spanning 1963 to 1974. On view are important early sculptures, including Rainbow Picket (1964), which blend minimalist forms and bold color choices, and a range of vibrant paintings and sculptures made with sprayed acrylic lacquer, a material typically used for decorating cars.

Art Exhibit-Ai Weiwei

Artist Ai Weiwei

Iron Tree

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Fine Art Landscape

Its amazing what you can find on Facebook!

Artist Aido Luongo

AIdo Luongo


Amazing Street Art

Amazing Street Art

Artist Unknown

These guys really amaze me.  Escher lIke

Artist- Alex Bertaina

Another really interesting artist

Beautiful thoughtful piece of work

Artist Slava Nikolaev

This is a fantastic piece.  He has a very interesting body of work.


Can you say "nice kitty!"

Kari Carmona

Ted Ellis

One of my favorite modern impressionists, Ted Ellis of Houston Tx.

Long Days Long Nights

Ted's work is all remarkable.  See more here:

Monet Found Among Stolen Nazi Art

Value $13 Million

Another work from Claude Monet’s Waterloo Bridge series, from 1903.
Denver Art Museum, Google Art Project, via Wikimedia Commons.
Claude Monet‘s Waterloo Bridge, London (1903) is the latest famous canvas recovered from Cornelius Gurlitt’s hidden stash of priceless artwork, AFA News reports. The long-lost masterpiece is part of a series the artist did on the subject between 1900 and 1908.
The latest find comes from the reclusive 81-year-old’s third residence in the town of Bad Aussee, in Austria’s Styria region. The 180 artworks include a bronze Pierre-Auguste Renoir sculpture and drawings by Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, and Pablo Picasso. German authorities seized 1,280 works from Gurlitt’s Munich apartment in February 2012, and recovered an additional 60 pieces from a second property in Salzburg, Austria.
At at 2007 Christie’s auction, a similar 1904 Monet from the Waterloo Bridge series sold for £17.9 million ($35.5 million). An early estimate from the Independent pegs the value of the version just recovered in Austria at £8 million ($13.3 million).
According to Sueddeutsche, the painting’s known provenance can be traced back to Paris’sGalerie Durand-Ruel, which sold the work to Berlin’s Paul Cassirer prior to World War I. The painting was likely confiscated from Cassirer’s descendents, as the Jewish dealer and publisher died in 1926.
While artnet News previously reported that a complete inventory of the now-infamous collection will never be publicized, Germany’s Lost Art Database does catalogue those of the works that are suspected of being stolen by Nazis.
Complicating the provenance research are the many pieces that Cornelius Gurlitt’s father, art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt, bought legitimately prior to 1933. Despite his Jewish background, the elder Gurlitt was one of three dealers the Nazis authorized to sell so-called “degenerate art” internationally during World War Two. The collector ultimately kept many of the paintings that Jewish collectors were forced to sell to the government.
Investigations by the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives division of the US Army, whose wartime activities protecting European cultural sites and recovering art looted by the Nazis were the subject of the recent George Clooney film, cleared Hildebrand of any wrong doing. Intriguingly, the Gurlitts’ Bad Aussee home, which appears to have been used as a major storage facility by the family as recently as 2012, is quite close to the Altaussee salt mine where the Monuments Men recovered 6,000 stolen artworks hidden by the Nazis.
Although Gurlitt initially maintained his legitimate ownership of the entire collection (see the artnet News report on his official website), he has since promised to return artwork that can be proven to be Nazi war loot. Several pieces have already been the subject of lawsuits from the descendents of the original owners, including a 1901 Max Liebermann canvas. Germany’s Städtische Museum Mainz has also laid claim to 56 of the works held by Gurlitt.

Artist Paul Gosselin

Fine Impressionist Art!

Artist-Mellisa Jean

For more artist information see our Facebook Page

Art or Life


The wood frog has garnered attention by biologists over the last century because of its freeze tolerance. Antifreeze-like blood lets frogs freeze and thaw with winter's whims. They endure this annual popsicle phase with help from cryoprotectants, substances circulating in their blood that lower the freezing point of their body fluids (via Iris Kronenburg).
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