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Sabine Hawkins

Bio -
 Born in Germany, Sabine came as a young teacher with her fiance to Australia on a working holiday and taught for nine years in Melbourne. On her way home, she met her husband John Hawkins, a broadcaster of classical music and they now live in Brisbane. Sabine studied with tutors like William Robinson, Roy Churcher, Errol Barnes and Merv Mueling for her Associate Diploma in Creative Arts and completed a double major in painting and sculpture.

 Since graduating, she has been teaching up to sixty students in her Brisbane studio per week while producing her experimental artistic creations in two and three dimensions. Until recently, all of her exhibitions have been connected with her students' work. For the first time, Sabine has exhibited her own body of work - icons she has 'read' in recent years. This exhibition can now be viewed on this site.

 This collection is still in progress, with the seventeenth coat, the Mantle of Beauty and Ceremony, currently being created.

Karen Smith

Karen Smith-Sky High- 11 x 16 inch-2011

This is an illusional piece based on looking up at tall buildings and the dizzy feeling it creates! Image mixes reality with illustrative content.



Aisha Lumumba

Aisha Lumumba, My Street, 56.5

This quilt is reminds me of the houses on my steet growing up. Although, they were not row houses, each one had it's own character.

Fulton Ross

Fulton Ross, "Fist Full Of Clouds",  Oil on Canvas; 2005

I paint both figuratively and abstract. This painting was completed in Germany in 2005. I was there helping my brother and his wife both stationed in the military with their three children.  I had a great studio in their home off base.  Although I love the face and figure sometime a great cloud formation fills my spirit with the need to paint.
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Amanda Pendergrass



Marcus Dillard

Marcus Dillard, Cosmic Touch, 2 dimensions, ink pens



Anel Mesic

Ahn Mesic.Dr House.11.8.201

Worked In Pencil 2B


Gustavo Franco

Gustavo Franco, Dark puzzle, 100cm x 70cm, mixed monotype, 2010


Irena Orlov

Orlov, The New York Times 24x24", mixed media on canvas

Mixed Media 24x24" on canvas.
Contemporary Abstract with a touch of Antique.
Unique Collage Painting created with Rare Antique Newspaper printed in 1863 "New York Times", acrylic and oil.

Julia Nelson-Gal

Julia Nelson-Gal, 48x48", Archival digital print face mounted to plexi, 2011

This piece was made from hundreds of scans made while in a residency at the Badè Archaeology Museum in Berkeley California.  Many of the objects that make up the Mandala are over twenty-seven centuries old.

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