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Michael Seewald

Ghost of Florence, Italy by Michael Seewald / winner S.D. Museum of Photographic Art 1991 international photo competition.

Michael Seewald has created museum award winning images for over four decades now! After winning painting awards at the age of 13, he traded in his brushes for a camera. He received a journalism degree, with emphasis in photography, from San Diego State University. He went on to work for various newspapers and magazines and eventually opened a photographic art gallery in Encinitas, coincidentally, the same month and year the San Diego Museum of Photographic Art did, in May of 1983. He exhibited his and dozens of other photographic artists over these many decades, some well known: Aaron Chang; Ruth Bernhard and Brett Weston.

After a few years of working trying to sell his art, with no time to actually make it, he developed a ‘sponsorship’ program, where folks invest at reduced rates over opening night, to pay for travels around the world so that he could. With little or no money, but plenty of film, he hit the road. And now, as of 12.2013, he has 61 trips under his belt, many taking national and international awards. He now averages $2K to $3K, and up to $9K, per sale sight-unseen for these ‘futures’.

Michael had his first major museum exhibition, entitled ‘Life Elsewhere’ in Kunming, China, in May of 2011. He is represented in China, and now has his gallery in Del Mar, at the Del Mar Plaza, and exhibits images from many of his portfolios, including: Russia; Morocco; Israel; China; Croatia; India; Greece; Bali; Australia; Italy; Iceland; Turkey; Laos; France; Portugal; all the Hawaiian Islands; Japan, Costa Rica and Nepal, just to name a few. He teaches world wide too, but mostly Yosemite, Carmel and Napa, besides locally with his 2 and 3 day ‘A-Z workshops’. His current exhibit is Cuba, and is open Wed. to Sundays, but call ahead as he’s a one man band and gone often. 858.793.3444. Website to view art is
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