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Michael O'Gorman

Michael O'Gorman, 'Idiosyncratica', Oil on canvas

Description: I am a contemporary British artist who specializes in complex, surreal oil paintings.


Turtel Onli

Year of The Dragon

This rhythmistic watercolor shows a neo-classical treament of the Chinese Zodiac icon. It is one of a 12 set collection created on archival acid free paper.



Cheryl D. Edwards

From N.Y. to D.C.. 24x30. oil; 2009

Cheryl D. Edwards was born in Miami Beach, Florida. She began her studies in art during 1990 in New York City in a class at the Art Student League taught by the late, Ernest Crichlow. She has been living in Washington, DC for the past 16 years. Cheryl has exhibited in many shows in the Washington, DC area.

Her interest in art stems from her fascination of the human body as a whole. Her medium is oil, ink and acrylics. After 15 years of painting nudes she has become fascinated with nature and how it relates to humanity. She says, '...the transfer of an image to canvas begins from the process of having the ability to capture the spirit of a person or object being observed. ...the person's soul shines through the process of capturing the light and dark areas. Art allows me to travel into all realms of possibility. As I look at my life, I have found that I have always chosen ART...' Please contact her for viewings.

Series - 2007

“The Return”

The return is about the enslavement of Senegalese people and how they preserved to survive that period of darkness in their history. The work of Cheryl Edwards begins from the beginning of the most abhorred period in Senegal with the “Door of No Return”; which is geographically located in Goree Island, Senegal. The action of perseverance is depicted in semi abstract spiritual pieces of work embodied with strong symbolism, which appeals to everyone on a universal plane. The series ends with every day scenes of what Senegal looks like in today’s society.

Series – 2008

“Ndebele People – Dolls Ritual/Play

This series sets forth the concept of the use of dolls by the Ndebele People of South Africa. Traditionally all over the world dolls are inevitably used for play and also used for performing rituals. The series consist of 19 artworks using a technique, which combines ink and water-soluble oils. The works depict a combination of the Ndebele people in South Africa in common everyday scenes, and the work demonstrates through creative visual the effect of the use of dolls for the purpose of performing rituals. Dolls have been historically used by the Ndebele People to enhance the possibility of marriage and childbirth. A more widespread usage is to employ a doll to assist in a healing ritual. Many of the dolls made by the Ndebele woman are representative of the traditional healers (Sangoma); they are notably recognized by their dress and always accompanied by a red blanket or cloth worn over their shoulders. This is symbolic of protection of one’s powers. This series opened for exhibit at the Wohlfarth Gallery in Washington, DC on October 17, 2008.


' New York City Water Towers'

This series depicts the simplicity and beauty of the water towers seen on the roof tops in New York city. The paintings are semi-abstract and captures the shapes and lines of the city incorporated with the balancing shapes of the water towers. The series consist of 20 paintings using the medium of ink and water soluble oils. This exhibit opened in December 2009 at the Sitar Center for the Arts,Cafritz Gallery located in Adams Morgan community in the Disrict of Columbia.

Vandorn Hinnant

Vandorn Hinnant, "As Above - So Below", 14.5" x 9", acrylic paint & prismacolor on paper, 2002

This two iteration double fractal diagram is one of several images in a series that are variations on the theme: "Duality in ONEness". These images are illuminated manuscripts written in the timeless cryptographic code language of Life: Sacred Geometry.

Sarah Soward

Category: Painting

Sarah Soward, Rhino Charger Heaven, 20 x 24 inches, Oil on Canvas, 2009


Patrick Trotter

Patrick Trotter, Ancient Scripture, oil painting, 2009

oil painting by patrick trotter,one of twenty of the \\\" Native American Spirit World \\\" collection


Kara Maria

Kara Maria, Cannon Ball, 18\" x 18\", acrylic on canvas, 2010

My work fuses abstraction and representation. The pieces usually begin as abstractions, but as they progress I add in figures. For me, the figures are analogous to nouns in a sentence. The rest of the painting seems like a swirl of verbs and adjectives, and the noun anchors the image. A wide variety of issues - from environmental crisis to international politics and war - influence my art making. I hope the work communicates a sense of humor and playfulness as well as an engagement with the state of the world we live in today. Although many issues are referenced in the work, the work itself remains non-linear, seeking to raise questions rather than to give answers.

Ruben Cukier

Ruben Cukier, Messias, 90 x 120 cm, oil on canvas, 2006


Ruben Cukier

Ruben Cukier, Black box, 70 x 50 cm, oil on canvas, 2009


Sue Mellado

Autumn Fire
29 W x 35 H
by Sue Mellado


Steve Pleydell-Pearce

Steve PP, OILY GLASS, 6 x 4 inches, Oil on Board, July 2009

Vibrant, bold, expressive coastal oil paintings.

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